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Eyelash Extensions


I am a three-times certified  lash artist with 5 years of experience doing lashes full time. This means that not only am I committed to excellence, but to your health and safety and I use only amazing quality Canadian products that will give you a natural comfortable look. Eyelash extensions are not heavy and they won't damage your natural lashes when applied properly by a professional lash artist. My niche is making lash sets that look natural and as full as possible. 


As a Certified Lash Artist, I am committed to British Columbia's cosmetology regulations and providing safe eyelash extensions services is of outmost importance. I do not take any shortcuts when it comes to keeping my salon area clean and disinfected according to protocol. In addition, the products I use in order to maintain this level of safety are vegan, cruelty-free, hospital-grade, EPA Approved. 

I constantly take refresher courses to keep up with the trends and new techniques of the amazing lash world. 


Who are they for?

Eyelash extensions are perfect for today's busy women who want to look fabulous but don't have much time in the morning to fuzz around with makeup or simply women who would like to cut back time on their morning routine.  

Why do women love lash extensions?

-Makes them look more awake, well rested, and youthful 

-Opens up the eyes

-Gives the impression of wearing eyeliner

-Many women feel like they don't have to wear makeup anymore

-Extra sleep in the morning as they just wake up and go 

Maintaining your lashes


  • Lash infills (touch ups) should be booked every 2 to 3 weeks

  • Must keep oils away from your lash extensions

  • Avoid wearing store-bought mascara

  • Must clean lashes regularly to avoid build up of natural oils, makeup, debris, dust, etc. 

  • Use only lash extensions safe cleanser

  • For it to be considered an infill or touch up there must be at least half of the lashes left and well attached 

  • Please remove all traces of makeup from your lashes before your fill appointment to help speed up the process

Feel free to book a 15min FREE consultation to determine what set of lashes would best suit your lifestyle